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Nerve Biopsy!

I didn’t have much time to feel sorry for myself as a young nurse from the ward came in and gave me a hospital gown to change into and put a white surgical sock on… Read More »Nerve Biopsy!

Hospital Part III

Back on the ward I had the same lunch as yesterday (houmous and carrot wrap and apple juice!) delivered to me in my room. I had ordered it with Christine (the food lady) just before… Read More »Hospital Part III

Hospital part II

Late afternoon, a surgeon came to talk to me about my nerve biopsy. He said that he worked under the head surgeon who was very capable and brilliant. From discussions with my consultants’ team they… Read More »Hospital part II

The PET scan

A week passed by and I got the call to attend a PET scan at the city hospital. They asked if I could make an appointment the following day and I rushed to ask Mr… Read More »The PET scan

The second opinion

The first thing I did when I got home from the appointment was contact Aussie Neuro who had performed the EMG (electrical test) for me before. Surprisingly they replied late in the evening and had… Read More »The second opinion

The great fall!

Bubsell was in the habit of taking a nap in the morning and Mr Kindness would put her in her swing upstairs. He would be upstairs working in his study and then I’d call him… Read More »The great fall!