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Me and Bubsell*

My Story

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Up until 2018/19 I was leading what one might describe as normal-ish life. I had a fab job doing what I loved at a great company. I spent my free time being carefree and chilling with my husband or friends and I pursued my hobbies. I went on fancy holidays.

And then I fell pregnant and boom my life changed forever!

Not only did I become a mum to my sweetest little girl but I also developed a complex neurological condition.

This blog talks about my thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams whilst living through this experience.

What I hope to achieve with this blog is to help new mums going through a health condition at the same time as being the best mum they can be, knowing that they are not alone as I found it to be a very lonely place.

Me, Bubsell and Mr Kindness*

*All photography on this page is courtesy of my best friend Farrah Baig from FK Creatives