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Onto the steroids…

Eccentric-Neuro considered my dry left eye could be down to a neurological condition called Sjogren’s syndrome. They prescribed me with a very high dose of steroids called Prednisolone (40mg every morning). Before prescribing the medication… Read More »Onto the steroids…

My first electrical test

The electrical test (formally known as an EMG) was one of the strangest experiences of my life. It was arranged by the neurologist’s secretary to see another neurologist who specialised in this but as it… Read More »My first electrical test

Pregnancy is not fun!

I was a few weeks ‘gone’ into the process before I realised I was pregnant – around seven weeks. The week I found out wasn’t the best. Earlier in the week was Mr Kindness’ birthday… Read More »Pregnancy is not fun!

My Backstory

Hi I’m Nikki, or Mrs Nikki Vyas Ambrose if we are to be formal. An ordinary woman with an extraordinary talent for accounting (ha!). I was raised in a strict south Asian Gujarati home by… Read More »My Backstory